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Thomas Ranch is a family owned and operated farm, committed to growing
the highest quality, Premium Mountain Grown fruit. Located at 1100 ft elevation in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Placer County, Thomas Ranch has an ideal climate for  growing our treasured, seedless Satsuma Mandarins. We also grow Hayward variety Kiwifruit, Hachiya and  Fuyu Persimmons and Meyer Lemons which are available during Mandarin season from the ranch or through online sales.  We invite viewers and customers to leave comments and suggestions about our website, fruit or new products that you would like to see.

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2015-16 Harvest Season has Closed!
02-15-2016:  This season harvest has closed.  Thanks to all of our
loyal and new customers for a successful year.  Looking forward to
next season in serving our customers.
Craig Thomas

01-15-2016:  Lots of Satsumas still available!
As of today, lots of Satsuma mandarins still holding on the trees.
This season's fruit has exceptional holding quality despite ongoing rain. The fruit is of high quality and sweetness.  We will probably be harvesting into February.  Ship your fruit while it's still available!

Hours for season 2015-2016! We're open Friday though Monday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the ranch (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas) through Mandarin season, November TBA 2015 through mid January 2016 or through our online ordering with secure payment via PayPal 7 days a week.  Your online order will be received seven days a week.  We hand pick our fruit at the peak of ripeness to insure you the freshest, sweetest fruit possible.  While we guarantee your order will be shipped with the freshest Premium Mountain Grown premium fruit, we are not responsible for conditions out of our control such as damage by shipping or freezing conditions.


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We love visitors to our ranch!
Thomas Ranch is an ideal stop while visiting Placer County's Hidden Falls Regional Park located on Mears Way approximately 1 mile away.
Deemed the crown jewel of the Placer Legacy Conservation Program, Hidden Falls Regional Park offers a 20-30-foot waterfall along Coon Creek and miles of horse and hiking trails on approximately 1200 acres of pristine foothill land.  Pick up a bag of fresh picked Mandarins on the way. For more info on Hidden Falls Regional Park, click here.  Thomas Ranch Premium Mountain Grown Satsuma Mandarins make an excellent gift for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Order for family, friends and business associates.  Include recipient information and we will include a holiday card with your order.

Placer Co. Mandarins in the news!
A UDSA study finds Placer County mandarins to contain significant
amounts of  synephrine, a natural decongestant that helps relieve cold
and allergy symptoms.

All pest and disease free
Satsuma Mandarin trees
obtained from Willits & Newcomb
citrus nursery, Arvin, California.

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